Production Brief

#4: Creative Accounting with Ben Chiverton and Tony Nagle

May 06, 2020 Mark Welker & Brendan Lee Episode 4
Production Brief
#4: Creative Accounting with Ben Chiverton and Tony Nagle
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In this episode, accountants Tony Nagle and Ben Chiverton deliver the who, what and how on the Australian government COVID-19 support payments for creative freelancers and small businesses.

Few of us look forward to hitting the books after a day on set, yet keeping one eye on the accounts remains an integral part of surviving in any creative industry.

With the financial realities of COVID-19 bearing down us from many angles, we've dedicated this episode to cover freelancer eligibility for Jobkeeper and Jobseeker payments, grants opportunities, tax deductions for COVID-19 and new incentives for writing off new assets in 2020.

Tony Nagle is owner of Nagle Accounting and Ben Chiverton is Partner and Senior Accountant. Over the last 25 years Tony and the team have built their practice around the film and advertising production industry, representing some 3000 clients across the creative spectrum.

Introducing Ben and Tony from Nagle Accounting
Are freelancers eligible for Jobkeeper?
What is the turnover eligibility for Jobkeeper?
How does it work for short term project to project work?
What is the PAYG stimulus package?
What happens when your income returns to normal?
Do you pay tax on Jobkeeper?
You can't get Jobkeeper and Jobseeker at the same time
What is the eligibility for Jobseeker?
What are the incentives to spend money at the moment?
Deductions for working from home
Is it a good time to withdraw super?
Calling it quits